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« Harmony in humanity and harmony with nature, the core of traditional Chinese wisdom, are deeply embedded in our business philosophy. »
Yan Zhiyong, Chairman.


We build pumped storage hydropower plants in order to reusing water for peak electricity demand, to keep the costs low and the energy efficiency high.


We implement high-quality wind turbines and farms worldwide. Wind energy is a key area of our renewables, competitive and affordable growth strategy.


Nemo aims to develop and manage high voltage direct current networks "Mechant - line" between Northern Europe, Italy and the Mediterranean areas.

Combined cycle power plants

Combined cycle power plants use both a gas and a steam turbine together to produce up to 50% more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional cycle plant.

Plant powered by gas methane engines

We build natural gas plants to improve energy efficiency and reduce the global warming emissions for the business, corporate and public sectors.

Meetings and Conferences

Repower Hydro project Campolattaro, Campania: Power China and Canadian Solar

Meeting with the Vice Ministry of Infrastructure Minister, the Delegate of the President of Campania Region, the President of Province of Benevento and the Mayors involved.

Name Title
Power China, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co Ltd
Luo Jiacong Chief Excutive
Shen Gangyi Deputy General Manager
Jiang Haifeng General Manager of Overseas Dept
Jin Jihong Project Director
Yang Ling Project Manager
Liu Zhiqiang Project Manager
Wang Fugen President
Power China Henan Electric Power Survey & Design Institute
Jia Zhijie Director of Insititute
Wang Guoyin General Manager of Overseas Dept
Wei Yingxu Senior Engingeer
Shanghai, Xinhui Electric System Constructing Co Ltd
Wang Rongfa Senior Engineer
Chen Jiangang Managing Director